Outdoor Activities That Can Boost Your Mental Health

Most people experience stress due to work and other responsibilities. Thus, it is crucial to take breaks whenever things are becoming difficult to handle. It is advisable to take a step back since mental health is an essential aspect of a person’s life.

Burnout is becoming a regular occurrence because of the fast-paced environment of most workplaces. Toxic work environment, as well as co-workers, can also cause exhaustion. If not prevented or managed, burnout can lead to severe mental health issues.

“Experts define burnout in different ways and note different causes. So what might tip you over the edge at work may differ from what pushes someone else into emotional and physical exhaustion,” wrote Margarita Tartakovsky, MS. “This is why it’s important to reflect on the root of your burnout.”

Here are three outdoor activities you can choose from when you need to take a break for your sanity.

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Hiking may seem like a strenuous physical activity, but it is rewarding to the mental health of a person. Hiking is not only an exercise for the body, but it is also a gentle exercise for the mind. The fresh and clean air of nature contributes to this calming venture.

Hiking can clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts. You will have the opportunity to disconnect from the busy streets of the city. More importantly, the countryside will provide you with a peaceful setting to clear your mind of negative thoughts that harm your mental health.

Due to technological dependence, most people become addicted to their devices and social media applications. These applications help them easily connect with different people. However, continued social media connections can also be overwhelming. During those times, a hike to the mountains can be refreshing.

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If you manage to take more than a day off, you could incorporate camping into your hiking plans. This way, you can spend more time with nature. The chirping of birds, the clean air, and the beautiful trees make for a perfect environment for relieving your stress.

Camping can help you sleep better. Having a good sleep will boost your disposition because of the rest and nourishment your brain will get from it. It will also help you avoid the feeling of grogginess. Thus, you will feel recharged once you get back to your daily routine.

Similar to hiking, camping allows you to disconnect from the technology-dependent world. It lets you avoid devices and applications which are frequently toxic to your physical and mental well-being. Camping enables you to connect with the peace and beauty of nature. The real connection you will feel during the camp will most likely bring relaxation to your mind.

“There is mounting evidence that almost any outdoor activity will decrease stress and improve life satisfaction,”  wrote Constance Scharff, PhD. “Improvement in both mental and physical health can be attributed to spending time outdoors.”

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Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is already rewarding, even when done indoors. Thus, when done outdoors, yoga brings more health benefits. This type of meditation gives physical and mental satisfaction to a person.

Outdoor yoga allows you to be more connected with nature. Most people who engage in outdoor yoga do not use mats during sessions. Practicing yoga without a mat provides grounding, which aids in pain relief and other benefits.

Being around nature is an effective stress reliever. Susan McQuillan MS, RDN, wrote that “researchers at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City have found that there are significant mental health benefits to be gained from participating in outdoor activities. Their systematic review of the existing literature on the mental health benefits of nature-based recreation, recently published in the Journal of Leisure Research, confirmed that spending time outdoors, and especially participating in outdoor activities, can lead to a variety of positive mental health outcomes.”

You can choose to do these activities in a forest or near bodies of water. It is more relaxing to spend your break in a calming and refreshing environment.

Men’s Skin Care Routine: An Introduction



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We used to rarely see the terms “men” and “skincare” in the same sentence, right? Well, it really shouldn’t be a surprise why.  For decades, it was almost taboo for guys to talk about how they take care of their skin out of fear that people might question their masculinity. Thankfully, those times are over, and we’re now living in an era where it’s acceptable for guys everywhere to take care of their skin. In fact, the industry of men’s skincare products has been steadily flourishing over the last couple of years.

Taking care of your skin will help avoid skin problems like acne, which can cause distressing effects to an individual. “Acne negatively affects self-esteem and can lead to anxiety and depression,” says dermatologist and psychiatrist Amy Wechsler, MD. “Self-care often suffers, and patients with acne often withdraw from social and work activities, don’t go on dates, and don’t try for better jobs.”

A lot of men are becoming more open to the idea of having the ability to take care of their skin. They follow morning and evening regimens and take care of their skin as what most women do. If you want to find out the basics of a proper skincare regimen but you have no idea how they don’t go anywhere because that’s what we can help you with today. Written below is a quick guide to a standard men’s skincare routine.


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Men’s Skin Care Routine

Unlike the skincare routine for women, a man’s proper skin-care regimen only follows three standard steps; cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.  These three parts are essential for healthier skin, and when done regularly, you will have the kind of results that will make you smile. Now, let’s take a closer at these steps.



The first step is cleansing.  It is the process of removing all the dirt, dust, and oil clogging from your skin.  Since you are just starting, it is recommended to go for cleansers that have gentle ingredients and only use them once a week so your skin can suitably adjust to the usually active chemicals that facial cleansers have. The cleansing process opens the pores, and that is why you need the toning and moisturizing parts to close them again.



Most people skip this part, but it’s very essential. Toning removes the residual impurities left in the pores by the cleansing process.  Aside from that, it also reduces the size of the pores and eliminates dead skin cells that can cause further issues. A lot of people don’t even do this, but if you want to get the best results possible, then you also need to invest in some amount of skin serums or toners.



The final part is moisturizing.  This process soothes the skin and helps restore all of the moisture that got lost during the cleansing and toning stages.  It also closes your skin pores which prevent impurities from entering and clogging them. Moisturizing is extremely important because without it you will leave your skin pores open and vulnerable to things that can cause unwanted skin problems such as oiliness, acne, and dryness.

These steps make a standard men’s skincare routine. Each one of them is important in making sure that your skin will look healthy and radiant. According to Ted Grossbart, PhD, “People with skin problems are at high risk of developing psychological problems, and they can linger even after the skin gets better.”

Finally, Amanda E. White, LPC, reminds, “[T]rue comfort with ourselves is a state of mind.” So keep these in mind and buy the best men skincare products that can help make you look good and extra handsome.


Counseling For Holistic Healthcare

Holistic healthcare focuses on the development of a person’s overall health. It is a form of healing that targets the maximum potential of a person’s spirit, mind, body, and emotions. It enables to reach the proper balance by removing the negative aspects of an individual’s sense of wellbeing. The engaging process of the holistic approach gives a different level of multi-dimensional advantage.

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Here’s How Acne Affects Your Mental Health

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Having acne is more than just a dermatological problem. It’s one of the main drivers of bullying and self-image issues among teens and adults alike.

The effects of acne on people are more than just skin-deep. It’s high time that we acknowledge the link between acne and mental health so that we can be more educated and help those who suffer from this.

“The skin is the most noticeable part of our body that could be impacted by psychological factors, yet very few psychologists are studying it,” says Kristina G. Gorbatenko-Roth, PhD. “It’s classic health psychology, just in a different area.”

Acne And Mental Health

In a society where a flawless and photoshopped face is deemed to be ideal, the pursuit of perfect skin is constant. Much to our dismay, we often find that perfect skin is elusive, if not at all impossible, for most people.

We all experience having acne at least once in our lives. There are many factors at play: lifestyle, diet, hormones, and genetics. Most of these are natural causes. But for some, the effects are much worse. This problem doesn’t sit too well in a society with such high expectations of beauty. So how exactly does having acne affect our mental health?

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Our Emotional Connection To Our Skin

An overwhelming amount of people with mental illness trace their feelings toward their self-image. The person that we see in front of the mirror every day may affect our emotions intensely. Seeing an acne-ridden face may cause a disjunct on what we feel we should look like versus how we look like. It puts pressure and frustration on us because we begin to hate ourselves for not being the flawless person we are expected to be.

Studies found that people who have acne are more prone to falling into depression than those without this problem. Consistently, they also found that as a person’s acne becomes better, their mental and emotional state is also becoming more stable.

“Acne negatively affects self-esteem and can lead to anxiety and depression,” Amy Wechsler, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and psychiatrist. “Self-care often suffers, and patients with acne often withdraw from social and work activities, don’t go on dates, and don’t try for better jobs,” she explains.

Additionally, according to Emily Deans, MD, “[P]atients with acne are more likely to be depressed, angry, and suicidal. In fact, patients with acne struggle more with mental health issues than even patients with epilepsy or diabetes, according to a study comparing questionnaires between sufferers of acne and other general medical conditions.”

Bullying And Discrimination

Too many teenagers experience bullying because of acne. That’s precisely why it’s a cliché in coming-of-age movies. For most teens undergoing puberty, developing acne is unavoidable. Nevertheless, something they have no control over becomes the root of bullying. It leads them to hate school and develop an inferiority complex.

What’s worse is that the bullying does not stop in school. Even in the workplace, there is still discrimination when job seekers are denied positions because of how they look. There is a high emphasis on presentability even for desk jobs, which does not require facing people too much.

Some also experience unequal treatment compared to those who do not have acne. All these contribute to diminished mental health.

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Social Media

Why do I not look like her?

Along with the rise of Instagram and Instagram models, having spotless air-brushed skin is the latest craze. Albeit unnatural and unreal, conforming to these standards has now become the center of our lives. We are hell-bent on seeking validation from the world that having acne can make or break our pursuit of fame and validation.

For some, having acne is a death sentence. It’s the one thing separating us from likes and compliments. Sadly, some of us rely on the validation we get from social media, and when we lack that, we begin to doubt our self-worth.

Final Thoughts

Advising people to not care about what other people think is easier said than done. We get it: acne sucks. It’s something that almost every one of us dreads because it messes up our self-image and how other people view us.

Whatever happens, embrace your skin. Go to a dermatologist or invest in skincare products or a healthier lifestyle to help yourself. If none of that works, know that you are not alone.

On the flip side, if you’re blessed with clear skin and you’re reading this, be kind. Cheers!

Ways To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Making simple changes in your lifestyle can create a significant impact on your health, especially when you want to avoid complications of the mental illness. Your mental health affects almost everything in your system and putting an effort to look after it gives you a lot of relief and long-term benefits.

Mike Slade, PhD, states, “Recovery-oriented mental health systems focus on commonality. In practice, this involves an orientation toward supporting everyday solutions for everyday problems rather than providing specialist treatments for mental illness-related problems.”

Here are some of the things you can do to take care of it.

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Bad Habits To Avoid If You Want To Have Better Skin

Skincare is very tricky. We spend an ample amount of time everyday cleansing and moisturizing it only to notice that we have an acne breakout a couple of days later. “Skin conditions affect many people and can isolate them both physically and emotionally,” wrote Matt Fraube, MFT. “They often create intense feelings of shame and guilt that slowly diminish self-esteem, building a negative emotional snowball that gradually grows until it limits people’s lives.While it’s easy to speculate about what could be causing our skin problems, finding the right reason is harder than that because there are a lot of things that can affect the way our skin looks.  From the food we eat and the habits we unwittingly do, up to the places we go to and our knowledge when it comes to skincare, there are tons of factors that can deliver significant effects on our skin.


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Natural Ingredients And Herbs For Skin Care

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Choosing skincare products is very difficult due to the rise of so many skincare products in the market. The endless combinations, contents, and effects can give people a headache regarding what to choose. Maybe it is time to take a unique approach regarding skincare and pick the natural option.

“When you think about anti-aging products, if you’re like most people, your mind automatically goes to expensive and invasive medical treatments. However, just as the best things in life can be free, so can the best ways to prolong your own life and health,” writes Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

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How Holistic Approach Helped My Relationship

We deal with a lot of uncertainties in life that we often overlook the value of how good it is to have better health. Sometimes, we even take ourselves for granted and indulge in doing things that damage our overall wellbeing. With that said, I will share with you how my wife and I used the holistic approach to fully understand that our health depends on what we choose to do with it. 

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How A College Student Can Achieve Balanced Wellness

An issue that has made waves these days is the importance of personal wellness. But what really is wellness? According to experts from California University, wellness is a process that involves an active awareness of decision-making to fulfill a healthy and worthwhile life. Balance is only achieved when a person is physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. Ultimately, all these are dependent on the everyday choices that he makes. Continue reading How A College Student Can Achieve Balanced Wellness