Wellness: The Wellness Therapy

Wellness Therapy

What is wellness therapy and how does it help with your mental health? What are the best efforts for overall wellness? How can it improve daily lives? Do you need wellness therapy? Let’s discuss this type of counseling – in what ways it can be beneficial to us? Does it also help with our physical health? How does it improve self-awareness?

Wellness therapy

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Few Benefits Of Wellness Counseling For Overall Health

Counseling for Mental Health and Well-Being

Wellness is a word that indicates a measure of good physical health and mental health in comparison to an individual’s current condition in life. It considers several factors which can influence an individual’s health such as stress, sleep, exercise, nutrition, emotional and personal stability, relationships, and lifestyle.

Counseling for overall health and well-being is a conventional type of healing that is holistic and natural.

Wellness therapy may also include treatment procedures such as dietary changes, counseling, support groups, access to online help, and lifestyle modifications. According to Dr. Yvonka De Ridder, Ph.D., Holistic wellness treatments are not about quick fixes. With this approach, you will be giving yourself the chance to meet professionals who will see you as a person and help you battle through your condition according to importance.”

Counseling For Optimal Health

What Professional Experts Do

Wellness therapy counselors or experts who specialize in the treatment will primarily focus on negative lifestyle habits and changing them for the better to improve the physical and mental health of the patient. For example, a patient that shows signs of fatigue without an apparent reason will go under a lifestyle check which includes daily food intake, exercise, or sleeping habits to trace the unclear cause of the exhaustion.

The therapist may also opt to give the patient stress management pointers that will help him in dealing with the daily pressure and stress. The wellness therapy counselor may also suggest that the wellness therapy patient starts working on a balanced diet to eliminate symptoms that may have connections with the lack of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. “Wellness Therapy [might be] working if you are able to set better boundaries, trust yourself and your personal decisions without reassurance-seeking, validate yourself and others or prioritize your needs and demands in a more balanced way,” says Jessica Dyer, LCSW.

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Wellness Therapy Guide

Construct a Program

Observation To Assess Well-Being

The patients will undergo questioning and research to collect data and identify the patient’s health conditions during wellness therapy. The resulting data will be the base for the formulation step of wellness therapy.


After processing the data from the wellness therapy’s observation phase, it can provide the patient with a program made especially for the patient’s needs. High-risk health conditions will be the priority in forming the program. For example, obese patients will be given diet plans and exercise regimens while doing weigh-ins and blood pressure checks to see the improvements during wellness therapy treatment.


The wellness therapy counselor will implement the program constructed during the formulation stage. Training, screenings, encouragement, and challenges are just some of the ways to help the patient change their lifestyle for the better.


After the enactment phase, the wellness therapy expert will point out the improvements that the patient had after enactment through the treatment. They will also help the patients recollect upon their past unfavorable lifestyle to prevent them from doing it again.

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Wellness Therapy: The Basics Of Wellness Therapy

Basic Types of Programs

Health Programs Given

The wellness therapy programs given may vary. However, several standard programs apply to some patients such as:

  • Weight loss Program
  • Balanced Dieting Program
  • Smoking Rehabilitation Program
  • Yoga Classes
  • Workout and Fitness Program
  • Breathing Exercise

The wellness therapy counselor may also include various types of meditation by incorporating a balance between physical and spiritual health that is said to promote a feeling of peacefulness and harmony in treatment for vigor.

Prayer may also be incorporated into wellness therapy sessions in some cases of treatment for fitness. It could be from a religious standpoint or strictly spiritual prayer. Prayer as a part of the wellness therapy treatment can be combined with other aspects including yoga or deep breathing techniques. According to Rick Nauert Ph.D.,

“A new study finds that participation in yoga and deep (coherent) breathing classes can help people who suffer from depression.”

Wellness therapy is an advisable treatment for individuals that may want alternative healing. Treatment for health is a holistic treatment for any gender and age.


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Individual Benefits Of Holistic Approach Based On Psychiatry

Using alternative medicine is a right way of practicing convenience while gaining enough energy that a person needs in doing daily activities. The different types of approach vary according to their mental, physical, and psychological healing benefits.  As for the concerning emergence of medical advancement of holistic health care, psychiatry has been interested in the process of healing all the areas of life and how it affects each factor.

“Holistic psychiatry means to take a mind-body-spirit approach. This is not just a theoretical position, rather it is the straightforward position that in our everyday life, each part – mind, body and spirit – is specifically addressed.” Explains Gary Gibbs, a holistic psychiatrist.

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The different types of modification approach of psychological healing based on psychiatry were determined by the level of a person’s need for medication. It implies an integrated setting that can control the rapidly growing development of an individual’s healing process.

EmotionalAccording to Sharon Meglathery, a physician and psychiatrist, Emotional stress can regulate pain pathways and literally increase a person’s pain. Medical conditions cause symptoms and require treatments which affect quality of life and cause psychiatric problems.” The process of holistic approach teaches a person to learn emotional maturity and literacy. It will allow a person to understand several issues of life and determine himself to find a better way of solving those issues. It gives out a healthy emotional balance by using the negative factors such as stress anxiety, and low-level mood as part of the overall approach and slowly changing them to become beneficial for emotional wellbeing.



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Physical – Holistic care helps in storing up all the power of the body and releases it as a positive energy that helps in fighting stress and anxiety. It is suitable for providing the mind and body the ability to reduce pain, tension, and aches from both emotional and physical factors.

EnvironmentalHolistic approach contributes to the development of a person’s physical aspects through the practice of regular exercise and proper diet. It gives the body a well-deserved strength that is used in daily activity. Exercising and eating healthy food is a great way to give one’s overall health a boost.

Social – The complementary method of holistic approach is beneficial to social involvement due to the positivity it provides. It affects the areas of social interaction that is useful in maintaining a better relationship with one’s self and with others. It somehow complements the needs from physical to emotional attachment that is required to give to families, friends, and other people that add positive life influences.

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Spiritual – Holistic health approach does not only help in improving the physical and mental aspect but they also target the religious aspect of life that gives a person a desire to inspire himself by valuing the beauty of living. The advancement of providing a well-balanced life is by getting an influential spiritual motivation that allows a person to know his purpose as of being presently alive. Spirituality is linked to many important aspects of human functioning—spiritual people have positive relationships, high self-esteem, are optimistic, and have meaning and purpose in life.” Says  Ryan T. Howell Ph.D.

Occupational – An overall advancement of an individual’s career is also given importance. Holistic care leads a person to become more competent and occupationally functioning. It improves the sense of responsibility and assesses the development of his decision-making capabilities.

Intellectual – The significant role of the holistic method also focuses on the advancement of intellectual aspect. The precise mechanism aims to implement cognitive enhancement that is useful in various dimensions of life dealings.

Supported wellbeing can give a person an advantage to live a healthy life, and holistic healthcare is good at providing it. That is why a psychiatrist encourages people to involve

The Philosophy And Essence Of Dream Coaching

To pursue or not to pursue – that, my friend, is the ultimate question when pondering about chasing new goals in life. As Terri Orbuch, Ph.D, psychotherapist said, “Everyone needs to make sure they take care of themselves; they need to make their own wel-being and happiness a priority in their life. If you don’t, who will?”

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Entering an unchartered territory where you have never been before causes fear and anxiety. “They feel plagued by worries they can’t control and are occurring more frequently than they would like and are getting in the way of their functioning,” Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA says. “They spend life worrying about things that will happen.”

But is it worth the try? If you are conflicted whether or not you wanted to establish or continue a particular aspiration, it might be best to find someone who can let you figure out how to resolve your predicament.

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Building Your Skin Care Routine

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A woman’s skin is delicate and fragile. She needs to be attentive and put extra care into it. It signifies a big portion of her beauty regardless of color. A smooth and silky skin is seen by the eyes and felt by the hands.

Products And Application

Creating an everyday skincare routine requires research and experimentation. It is done to learn the products and methods that work the best for your skin. You need to know more about the type of skin you have and any skin concerns to avoid worsening your skin problems. Test the skincare products that work, and then choose the best through their benefits. Learning the order of using the products and skincare equipment can help with enhancing their effects.

Here are the skincare products you need and how to apply them.

1.   Cleanser: Water is not enough to rid your skin of filth. Using cleansers will ensure that your skin is free from harmful substances before going outside and before sleeping.

2.   Toner: It will hydrate, refresh, and revitalize your skin after using a cleanser. Toners will also remove traces of makeup left after cleansing while maintaining the skin’s pH levels.


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3.   Exfoliant: Exfoliants remove the buildup of environmental damage to your skin. It unclogs the pores, removes dead skin, and evens out the facial skin tone.

4.   Acne Treatment: These are skincare products that have benzoyl peroxide. This chemical is indispensable for attaining clear skin. It kills acne-producing bacteria thus preventing acne growth.

5.   Skin Lightening Treatment: These products are applied at least once a day to lighten the skin. Products in this category contain hydroquinone which reduces brown spots, age spots, and other skin discoloration.

6.   Serum: Serums have anti-aging elements and antioxidants that protect the skin from pollution and environmental hazards. It improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles, and makes the skin look younger and radiant. Apply this during the morning and evening before sleeping.

7.   Sunscreen: It is necessary to apply this product in the morning. It helps protect the skin from the harmful UV-rays while helping to retain its moisture. Head for products with spf30 and above for better protection.

8.   Anti-aging moisturizer: Regardless of your skin type, moisturizers help your skin look younger, smoother and softer. It enhances the overall look of the skin.

9.    Targeted Solutions: These are optional products depending on the skin’s needs and personal preference. Examples of these are facial masks, nose strips, lip products, bleaching creams, and so on. These products are needed for skin with special needs and help them cope with the issues.



There is no instant solution for your skin problems, and it would be very expensive if there is such a thing. Ask individuals for advice with the same skin type as you. You can learn how they deal with their skin problems, which you can use as a reference in the future. Remember that skincare needs effort and time to work and there are only results with consistent application. 

Learning Traditional Breathing Exercises For A Healthier Lifestyle

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Breathing is essential to every living thing, and this is unquestionable. We will cease to exist once we stop breathing. However, it is so easy that we don’t recognize its real value in our lives. Only a few know its direct effect on our mental, emotional and physical aspects.

Kim Boivin, MEd, a registered clinical counselor, does breathing exercises, among other things. “My regular self-care behavior also includes mindfulness meditation (on my own and with a group); yoga at least twice a week; personal therapy; professional supervision; consultation with colleagues; going on retreats/holidays; making healthy meals and bringing them to work; laughing; going for walks around the block, looking for beauty to connect with, and breathing deeply. Oh, and eating dark chocolate with a cup of hot tea and only doing that. No multitasking, just enjoying that.”

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The Ancient Art Of Chinese Acupuncture


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Ancient Chinese acupuncture is a traditional process of healing and therapy which involves the insertion of needles into the skin. It is a medicinal practice which started 4000 years ago in ancient China. It is considered as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is currently one of the most accepted forms of alternative healing. US health institutes have declared its safety and efficacy for treating body conditions.

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The History Of Energy Healing

Even in the old times, people have already acknowledged the body’s ability to self-heal.  With the help of modern science, it proves factual as scientific evidence supports the claim. Many cultures have exercised energy healing and its power for more than thousands of years. It allows people to gain more awareness about the value of energy and how it contributes to self-empowerment.

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Ancient Traditions

Prana describes the universal energy in ancient Indian spiritual tradition for more than 5,000 years. Prana is universal energy, considered as the source of all life. The breath of life is another term for this energy. They believe that this moves in all forms and gives life to them.

Chi is the term used in China to describe the universal energy. Since 3 million B.C., this energy has been known in Chinese tradition and became part of their lives. Chi explains all matter have vital energy. Yin and Yang are two polar forces that create this force. When these two forces are in the balance, the matter is in good physical health.

Newtonian mechanistic view suggests that the human body is like a biological machine that consists of working independent parts. This view has been adopted by the Westerners for centuries even before Albert Einstein introduced quantum physics and the understanding of energy fields became known.

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Modern-day Understanding Of Energy Healing

In the present days, the Newtonian mechanistic view towards human body has become obsolete; this is because of Albert Einstein’s research and teachings that negate the thought that the world we are living in is comparable to a normal machine.

Einstein was able to prove that gravitational energy is just one of many energy fields around us. We have a better understanding of these energy fields through his studies. We learned that atoms are but a whole set of energy fields interacting with one another. It has been the basic composition of all matters, and this includes the human body.

Our body has its innate energy system which we call Human Energy-Consciousness System. This energy is also known as the human energy field or aura. Imagine it as a glowing light that coats the body. This energy interpenetrates and emits its unique radiation. This energy field is very thorough and complex that the qualities it has can directly explain the state of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual status. We respond to one another and our environment with the use of this field.

The work of Einstein in Physics has confirmed what our traditional cultures have been exercising for thousands of years. He supported through his studies that our body has the capacity to self-heal. It can be done as well with the help of experts for energy healing.

A review article was published in October of 2017 in the professional journal, Issues in Mental Health Nursing. It was titled, “Mental Health Wellness and Bio therapies: An Integrative Review” and looked at 30 studies conducted between 2014 and 2016. The reviewers were specifically looking at healing touch and reiki. The studies provided convincing evidence that healing touch and reiki are safe and effective. None of the participants had adverse effects or negative side effects. They found that these methods were effective for reducing anxiety and stress and for improving mood, relaxation, and enhancing overall mental health wellness. – Susan Franklin PsyD

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Power Of Energy Healing

EP is a holistic mind-body approach that allows people to do one of three things: 1.) reduce or eliminate negative emotional reactions such as anxiety, anger or self-criticism, 2.) reduce or eliminate blocks to performance, 3.) enter or maintain a higher functioning performance state.Robert Schwarz, PsyD

To grasp the power of energy healing, you must first acknowledge that we are energy beings. It will give us more understanding that we are not just a physical body. We can effectively use the techniques in restoring the energy flow within our core if we can accept and understand what energy is. It will help us to properly optimize the balance of our human body in all aspects.

This is also one form of self-care. According to Kim Boivin, MEd, a registered clinical counselor, “We are interdependent so what I do to take care of myself has an impact on all who I interact with. When I care for myself, I care for others better too.”

Chinese Herbs And Their Therapeutic Effects

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has evolved over thousands of years. TCM practitioners use various mind and body practices (such as acupuncture and tai chi) as well as herbal products to address health problems.D. Craig Hopp, Ph.D., and David Shurtleff, Ph.D.

Herbs are one of the most generally used items in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Chinese have been using herbs for centuries to cure illnesses and diseases even before western modernization. There are various modern medicines developed from Chinese herbs proving their efficacy. Currently, there is an estimated count of 300 clinically proven Chinese herbs that can be used to increase modern medicine efficacy and reduce long-term side effects.

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