How The Black Community Can Benefit From Therapy And Holistic Services


Even though we’ve come a long way in being progressive in many things, we’re still so far from leaving racism in the past. Every day, Black people face discrimination through unfair treatment, slurs, and even physical assault.

This kind of treatment is primitive, inexcusable, and evil. The first step to eradicating it is by recognizing racism and the behaviors linked to it. These things are bound to affect your emotional and mental well-being negatively.

Therapy and other holistic services can help you through these challenges. But before anything else, know that seeing a therapist won’t solve all your problems. After all, racism is a systemic, cultural, and institutional issue that we need to address at the grassroots level. However, you can still do several things to help strengthen your well-being so you can continue to fight for the Black community.


Address Your Situation

The first thing your therapist will do is talk to you about your experiences. Let them know your worries, fears, and thoughts. They may also inquire about how you feel regarding these things. Your therapist will ask you about these so they could help you understand just what exactly you’re going through. When it feels like you’re overwhelmed and everything is frustrating, they’ll be there to aid you in piecing things together.

This stage is crucial for you to process your situation in the best possible way. Know that you can trust your therapist with the things that weigh heavily on you. It may not be easy to verbalize your thoughts, but sharing your mind’s inner workings can help you move forward. Don’t hesitate to tell your therapist if you’re feeling overwhelmed at any point. After all, your well-being is what you both are working towards.

Therapy can also help you address any mental health condition you might have. The depression rates among Black people are through the roof. Anxiety, emotional instability, and other mental illnesses are common too. Seeing a therapist can help you recognize and address the signs of existing conditions and prevent the onset of new ones.

Bring Your Advocacy To Life

Therapy won’t stop in just helping you process your experiences. Your therapist will also aid you in recognizing advocacies for yourself and the Black community. You can talk to your therapist about the changes you want to see around you. And they can refer you to resources available to allow you to exercise your advocacy. They’ll also guide you in learning how to communicate your thoughts and feelings to express yourself better.

Your Physical Symptoms

As a member of a marginalized group, you may find yourself often on edge. While therapy and holistic services are not an end-all-be-all solution to your problems, chiropractic care can help at least relieve you of some. It’s a mind-body approach that aims to improve your mental health by addressing your physical symptoms.

Depression and anxiety, among other conditions, mostly come with physical manifestations. These vary from person to person. Oftentimes, they involve fatigue, headaches, muscle stiffness, inability to sleep, or body pain. A chiropractor can help relieve you of these symptoms by dealing with your musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. This focus aims to trigger the possible increase of hormones that cause positive reactions in your body.

Your chiropractor, like your therapist, may also recommend other physical adjustments to help you take better care of yourself. Some recommendations may involve a healthy diet, regular exercise, and better sleeping habits. Again, these won’t magically solve your mental health problems, but they’re a step in the right direction.

Relieve Your Stress

As mentioned before, mental health issues can cause physical symptoms. Conditions like anxiety and depression can leave you feeling fatigued. Your muscles also feel tense and tight. Acupuncture and massage therapy can help you in that regard if you’re comfortable with physical contact.


The philosophy behind the two revolves around restoring a healthy energy flow to your body. Acupuncture involves using needles on specific parts of your body. Meanwhile, massage therapy targets your muscle groups to soothe them. Both practices promote the release of endorphins in your body. These are hormones responsible for alleviating pain and stress and promoting pleasant feelings.

Acupuncture and massage therapy can help you if you prefer holistic services to target your mood condition. They can improve your mood and boost your mental and emotional well-being. They’re also proven to be safe and effective procedures. Still, make sure you’re getting these services from well-equipped and licensed establishments.

Ease Your Anxiety

Treating your other senses can also help relieve your anxiety; here’s where aromatherapy comes in. This procedure makes use of essential oils. You either breathe them in or apply them to your skin.

Practitioners believe the process activates some parts of our brain, like the limbic system. It’s responsible for several functions like emotions, behavior, and long-term memory. Aromatherapy shouldn’t replace your doctor’s prescribed medication. However, it might help ease your stress and anxiety and improve your sleep quality.

Your therapist may recommend this procedure if you prefer non-contact holistic services. Just remember that it should complement your therapy sessions and medication if you have a prescription. It shouldn’t replace seeing a professional.

To Wrap Up

Being a member of the Black community isn’t easy. Each day, you’re on guard and wary of the people around you. Hate isn’t a far-off possibility because of the rampant racism present. Because of this, so many Black people suffer from several mental health conditions.

It’s important to know that simply going to therapy cannot solve these concerns. These are problems that include entire systems, institutions, and cultures. To solve this problem of racism, ideals that promote such a mentality should be uprooted. While this is true, engaging in some form of therapy can still be beneficial to your mental health. And with better mental health, you’re stronger and more well-equipped to be a voice against racism.

Seeing a therapist can help you understand your situation and move forward with direction. Meanwhile, holistic services can help you relieve stress and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. These include chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy. On the other hand, if you prefer non-contact procedures, then aromatherapy may be to your liking. 

The journey you’re on isn’t an easy one. But remember, these things can help you become strong in your fight for equality. So if you need or want help, do not hesitate to seek it. Your life and well-being matter. Black lives matter.