The Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

I have always promised my mother that she could retire any time when she would be around 50 and do everything she kept herself around while raising me on her own. As expected from a self-made woman, Mom declined my generous offer many times, saying, “You should save your money for your future family.”

I have an amazing job – no need to worry about me.”


Massage And Aromatherapy 

I only got to fulfill my masculine promise when my mother got diagnosed with goiter around 52-years-old and was ordered by the doctor to stop most – if not all – of her stressful activities.

Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage 

The first thing that I asked her to stop doing was going to her job. The second thing is to try aromatherapy massage. As an account executive, Mom had to worry about the company’s expenses all the time, to the point that she could not rest during report or tax week. I thought my mother would still look around for excuses, but I was massively surprised when she filed her resignation letter around the next day – effective immediately.


How Anxiety And Stress Can Often Take Over

Now, despite Mom’s seemingly high-profile masterful job, it did not mean that she had massive six or seven figures in the bank. Fate did not smile kindly at our little family until she reached around 40 years old when she took on the masterful executive role. But then, my mother had to pay for a massive loan she needed to get during my first semester in college – if she didn’t, the bank would take our home, which my grandparents bequeathed to her. I remember telling Mom back then that I would go to a community college around our neighborhood; however, she insisted that going to an Ivy-League school around the city would afford me the best opportunities in the world. Hence, my mother had been paying for everything even a few years after I graduated – even if I tried to take over that financial responsibility once I got a regular job.

Being A Breadwinner For The Family Is A Tough Job. A Mastered job.

When my mother retired, I already had a wife and two kids. Mom and Lisa (my wife) had always gotten along, so it was impractical for Lisa to let my mother live alone when we had another master bedroom in the house for her. She was kind enough to say, “If Mom was here, she could teach me her masterful recipes, and I could drive her to her doctor’s appointments.” That made me massively grateful for my wife.



Aromatherapy Massage And Its Benefits

There Is Always A Massive Need To Work Double-Time

Regarding my salary, I could say that I earned around more than an average American like a real estate agent in California. My kids went to an excellent massive Catholic school; Lisa did not need to work and help with the house bills. But since I decided to take care of Mom and pay all her bills, I felt the massive need to work double-time. I would leave the house around earlier than usual and scout for potential places around to buy and sell; I would not go home until I secured some massive clients. Sometimes, I would do an open house around on the weekends to gain more customers. My entire family worried that I was massively overexerting myself, but I often said that I was okay.

I was already the man of the house – I had to do my massive part well, even if it meant dealing with massive sore muscles.

I let go of many extracurricular activities that cost me massively in the past, but one thing I could not get rid of was aromatherapy massage.

Does Aromatherapy Really Help in Soothing Aching Muscles?

My wife and I were already regulars at an aromatherapy massage center with masterful aromatherapists and would take turns going to the aromatherapy massage clinics to soothe our aching muscles with trustworthy aromatherapists.


Aromatherapy Massage

Understanding The Benefits

The smell of the essential oils allowed me to focus on the expert hands of my masseuse as they glided all over my achy spots, which were usually my calves and back. It would genuinely hurt once the masseuse pressed hard on my sore muscles, but I typically gritted my teeth through the pain, knowing that I would come out feeling lighter and more relaxed. Truth be told, I tend to fall asleep halfway through the process – that’s how calm I felt every time.

How It Helps With Mental And Emotional Wellness
Without the regular aromatherapy massage, I might have lost my mind months before that. I immediately realized that I bit more than I could chew when I made my mother retire and handle all her bills, but I was not one to back away from my promises. I kept working hard to make ends meet and ensure that my family would not deal with hardships in the future. Every month’s hour-long session gave me a chance to stop thinking about work, which helped me find a balance between work and personal life.



Mental Health Was Stabilized During Tough Times

My mother had successful surgery for her goiter, thank you very much. My wife and I were still massively in love, and our kids were doing well. As for my masterful job, I managed to build a real estate company – albeit a small one – and had a handful of agents working masterfully for me.

Aromatherapy Massage: Final Thoughts


I say it’s all because of the regular sessions of aromatherapy massage that I have gotten that stabilized my mental health during those tough times.


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