What Makes K-Beauty The New Wave In Cosmetic Industry (Promoting Confidence)

Korean beauty has become a big craze nowadays.   The so-called K-beauty products are just everywhere, from drugstores to markets to high-end malls.  With its BB cream (and other creams), toners, moisturizers, make-up, and whitening products dominating the shelves.  How did they suddenly get so big, hitting the market like a storm?

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I am no expert on this subject, so I did my research.  I ended up amazed by this whole new world of skin care products to which both men and women are trapped in.


Beauty Skin Care Are Not Anymore For Girls Alone

Men, like girls, go gaga over Korean skincare and cosmetics.  Everybody wants that glass skin look.  Men get more and more conscious about how they look.  Before, it was just their clothes, then haircare, and now skincare.  Back then, men are confident enough without putting anything on their face.  They used to believe that real men don’t use moisturizer.  But now, part of their grooming routine are layers of moisturizers, SPF, and light makeup to hide some flaws.  Thanks to K-pop influence.


The K-Pop And K-Drama Influence

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EXO, BTS, and other young-looking K-pop artists and the rise to popularity of K-dramas also helped in promoting K-beauty products.   As the K-pop popularity explodes around the world, and so are their beauty secrets.  People would sing their songs without knowing what each word means.  Girls and boys would dance in their every step.  And so, is wearing of the makeups they put on.   Both young and old, men and women have now become more conscious about their body and weight and have changed their perception about what beauty is.


More Steps To K-Beauty Secret

Good-looking skin is essential to Koreans as it is a measure of beauty in their culture.  They really pay so much attention to how they look. They invest so much on beauty products, applying 7-10 layers of toner alone on their face, plus the other skin products they put on their face after that.  In all, they use up to 26 steps twice a day.

Wow!  That’s too much effort to put on, and so much money to spend.

According to Karl Loo, a Korean beauty expert, it has become some kind of cultural shift to the U.S. market, because the younger generations are more adventurous in considering products from overseas.

Another thing that could have made Korean products so popular is that they are not limited to traditional ingredients.   They do experiments on new natural alternatives like the use of goat and donkey milk, volcanic ash, combined with the technology.

The newest in the market is the snail slime that manufacturers add as ingredients to their skin care products.   This new trend in beauty products is said to contain hyaluronic acid, peptides, and glycoprotein enzymes.   It helps the cells produce collagen and elastin, and contains good anti-aging ingredients.


In our society today, confidence comes with beautiful skin, face, and body.  Some people (as young as 16 years old) even take the courage to go under the knife just to achieve the look that they think will help boost their morale.   And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as that’s the thing that will bring them happiness and boost their confidence to conquer life.

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And there’s also nothing wrong if some choose the natural beauty that comes from within.   The glow that comes from positive and kind personality is the beauty that will never fade and cannot be hidden by any heavy makeup.


We all have the right to choose, just as how we all have the right to be beautiful the way we perceive beauty.



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