The Philosophy And Essence Of Dream Coaching

To pursue or not to pursue – that, my friend, is the ultimate question when pondering about chasing new goals in life. As Terri Orbuch, Ph.D, psychotherapist said, “Everyone needs to make sure they take care of themselves; they need to make their own wel-being and happiness a priority in their life. If you don’t, who will?”


Entering an unchartered territory where you have never been before causes fear and anxiety. “They feel plagued by worries they can’t control and are occurring more frequently than they would like and are getting in the way of their functioning,” Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA says. “They spend life worrying about things that will happen.”

But is it worth the try? If you are conflicted whether or not you wanted to establish or continue a particular aspiration, it might be best to find someone who can let you figure out how to resolve your predicament.


Dream Coaching 101

Regardless of what you are thinking, dream coaching is not, in any way, related to sleep and relaxation. It does not offer better dream processes nor does it take the nightmares away. Although, come to think of it, having someone who can guide and support you during the most critical decisions in your life is helpful in lifting the weight from your shoulder; which means that your mind is trouble-free, resulting to a peaceful brain and a restful, relaxed sleep.


Dream Coaching is a holistic wellness therapy which touches on the different aspects of a person’s life, career, or industry. It manages to assimilate a continuous professional connection between a client and the life coach to institute better understanding of necessary information and performance enhancement that can lead to upgrading the quality of life.



Coaching Value

Here lies the ability to expedite the personal growth and development through self-awareness and concentration. Dream coaching focuses on the reality of where you currently stand and how much are you willing to accomplish and sacrifice to get where you want to be. Furthermore, it focuses on the future possibilities that can be affected by your present actions, choices, and intentions.



Coaching Philosophy


Dream coaches help their clients to get in touch with their purpose and passion, dreams and hopes, and to overcome their fears and doubts. Most importantly, they support their clients in taking the necessary steps, week by week, day by day that lead to getting what they want. – renowned Certified Dream Coach, Marcia Wieder.

Coaches all over the world engage in a strategic course or plan, claiming that Dream Coaching is effective. The process is quite simple – you find your purpose, kindle your passion, and eliminate all potential obstacles to illuminate your dreams. Constraints, however, does not include the lack of money or time.


After the clarification and discovery stage, the coach will then encourage their clients to embark on the process of digging deeper into their finding the door of their chosen aspirations. The coaches will impose on the clients their accountability and responsibility for any changes made. On the other hand, it is the coach’s primary duty to speak up and lay down all the essential details that the client needs to know. As a follow through, the coaches will then reflect and relate results produced in the future.



Coaching Outline

With Dream Coaching, there is an outline that every professional is required to follow throughout the entire course.


  1. Decide on an objective.
  2. Preserve integrity.
  3. Live with a purpose.
  4. Connect with the dreamer within you.
  5. Gain valuable lessons from the other side of your personality that doubts and hesitates.
  6. Own your dreams.
  7. Apply individual practices.
  8. Stay determined by taking the first step.
  9. Have unwavering support.
  10. Live and become a dreamer.



Coaching Significance


The difficulties that life has in store for us are extensive. For this reason, people have mainly become ineptly reactive to respond to the daily grind. Dream Coaching teaches people how to unchain themselves from the obstacles, thereby giving them more control over their lives and positions. The success of Dream Coaching therapy relies on a singularity, and that is your willingness to break free from your shackles and manage your life effectively.



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