Natural Ingredients And Herbs For Skin Care


Choosing skincare products is very difficult due to the rise of so many skincare products in the market. The endless combinations, contents, and effects can give people a headache regarding what to choose. Maybe it is time to take a unique approach regarding skincare and pick the natural option.

“When you think about anti-aging products, if you’re like most people, your mind automatically goes to expensive and invasive medical treatments. However, just as the best things in life can be free, so can the best ways to prolong your own life and health,” writes Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

There are various herbal and natural ingredients we can use for skincare, and their beneficial effects can be surprising to your skin. In fact, people have been using them for thousands of years before modernization came. These natural herbs can make the skin smooth, give silky and shiny hair, help digestion, and reduce swelling without dangerous aftereffects. The usage of natural herbs and ingredients regularly for skincare will not promote toxic buildup that synthetic skincare products have. This toxic buildup from skincare chemicals may cause harm and irreversible effects in the long process.


The List


Tea Tree Oil: The active chemical components found in tea tree oil can reduce harmful bacteria which is why tea tree oil is one of the best home remedies for acne breakouts. These active chemical components are capable of entering into the pores of the skin and provide it with healing effects. Tea tree oil is an excellent choice for individuals that have allergic reactions to typical acne products on the market.


Blue Yarrow: The Blue Yarrow herb is a very powerful astringent, which can help promote skin regeneration. It is also a potent antiseptic herb which destroys harmful bacteria on the skin, thus preventing acne breakouts. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties as well as good for reducing the formation of blackheads. “Don’t try to change your birth date with an official piece of paper. Instead, focus on choices that will promote physical and mental health, vitality, connection with others, and longevity,” writes Meg Selig, MA.


Sea Salt: Sea salt contains massive loads of minerals and nutrients that are beneficial to the skin such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. These minerals are also present in the skin cell which is why it is an excellent ingredient in promoting balance, protection, and skin restoration. Using it as a scrub is one of the best ways of applying it to skincare.


Hibiscus: The herb Hibiscus has an anti-aging property which is why it is an excellent addition to a skincare regimen. It is also known as natures Botox. Hibiscus is beneficial for clearing the skin of blemishes while helping it stay firm. Additionally, it diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles due to aging. “What happened to aging gracefully by focusing on the qualities that accrue with maturity and that make us attractive at any age?” writes Vivian Diller Ph.D.


Coconut Oil: It is a very versatile ingredient both for skincare and food usage. It has beneficial properties such as strengthening skin tissue, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, sunburn protection, and much more which depends on how it is applied. These skincare applications of coconut oil include but are not limited to cleansing, moisturizer, makeup remover, and scar treatment. Using it for food is also good for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, healthy fats which can increase immune system function, thus ridding the body of harmful agents on the skin.


We are encouraging individuals to use natural ingredients and herbs for their skin’s health. It may be hard to apply or may need specific procedures for application compared to modern skincare products which you can use instantly. Their effects are comparable to current synthetic skincare products, and they are cheaper and risk-free.