Individual Benefits Of Holistic Approach Based On Psychiatry

Using alternative medicine is a right way of practicing convenience while gaining enough energy that a person needs in doing daily activities. The different types of approach vary according to their mental, physical, and psychological healing benefits.  As for the concerning emergence of medical advancement of holistic health care, psychiatry has been interested in the process of healing all the areas of life and how it affects each factor.

“Holistic psychiatry means to take a mind-body-spirit approach. This is not just a theoretical position, rather it is the straightforward position that in our everyday life, each part – mind, body and spirit – is specifically addressed.” Explains Gary Gibbs, a holistic psychiatrist.




The different types of modification approach of psychological healing based on psychiatry were determined by the level of a person’s need for medication. It implies an integrated setting that can control the rapidly growing development of an individual’s healing process.

EmotionalAccording to Sharon Meglathery, a physician and psychiatrist, Emotional stress can regulate pain pathways and literally increase a person’s pain. Medical conditions cause symptoms and require treatments which affect quality of life and cause psychiatric problems.” The process of holistic approach teaches a person to learn emotional maturity and literacy. It will allow a person to understand several issues of life and determine himself to find a better way of solving those issues. It gives out a healthy emotional balance by using the negative factors such as stress anxiety, and low-level mood as part of the overall approach and slowly changing them to become beneficial for emotional wellbeing.




Physical – Holistic care helps in storing up all the power of the body and releases it as a positive energy that helps in fighting stress and anxiety. It is suitable for providing the mind and body the ability to reduce pain, tension, and aches from both emotional and physical factors.

EnvironmentalHolistic approach contributes to the development of a person’s physical aspects through the practice of regular exercise and proper diet. It gives the body a well-deserved strength that is used in daily activity. Exercising and eating healthy food is a great way to give one’s overall health a boost.

Social – The complementary method of holistic approach is beneficial to social involvement due to the positivity it provides. It affects the areas of social interaction that is useful in maintaining a better relationship with one’s self and with others. It somehow complements the needs from physical to emotional attachment that is required to give to families, friends, and other people that add positive life influences.


Spiritual – Holistic health approach does not only help in improving the physical and mental aspect but they also target the religious aspect of life that gives a person a desire to inspire himself by valuing the beauty of living. The advancement of providing a well-balanced life is by getting an influential spiritual motivation that allows a person to know his purpose as of being presently alive. Spirituality is linked to many important aspects of human functioning—spiritual people have positive relationships, high self-esteem, are optimistic, and have meaning and purpose in life.” Says  Ryan T. Howell Ph.D.

Occupational – An overall advancement of an individual’s career is also given importance. Holistic care leads a person to become more competent and occupationally functioning. It improves the sense of responsibility and assesses the development of his decision-making capabilities.

Intellectual – The significant role of the holistic method also focuses on the advancement of intellectual aspect. The precise mechanism aims to implement cognitive enhancement that is useful in various dimensions of life dealings.

Supported wellbeing can give a person an advantage to live a healthy life, and holistic healthcare is good at providing it. That is why a psychiatrist encourages people to involve