How Holistic Approach Helped My Relationship

We deal with a lot of uncertainties in life that we often overlook the value of how good it is to have better health. Sometimes, we even take ourselves for granted and indulge in doing things that damage our overall wellbeing. With that said, I will share with you how my wife and I used the holistic approach to fully understand that our health depends on what we choose to do with it. 



The physical energy, emotional stability, subconscious and conscious mind are the focus of holistic approach. It changes how the mind, the body, and spirit react to its environment, all of which connect to the specific energy that gives easier navigation to carry us through life.  It creates a balance that provides us with the strength that we can use for our emotional, physical, and mental needs. 

“While there are many causes for anxiety, general health and wellness may be one of the best ways to counter negative feelings,” writes Cynthia M. Thaik M.D.

The Lack Of Holistic Approach 


If we allow ourselves to get polluted with toxins from physical, emotional, and mental stress, then we’re about to face a massive problem in handling situations. It would be challenging for us to solve several issues in our life because of the pressure of those harmful elements. Sometimes, it would be even harder for us to understand our purpose. It will create a complication that can affect our decision-making capabilities and we might end up knowing nothing at all. The lack of proper knowledge of how we should control things in our life is something that can make us vulnerable and weak.  

The holistic approach is something that we should consider when we try to understand what life has to offer. It is just not about eating healthy food and exercising regularly. It requires a deeper understanding of how we can set our full potential and use it to our benefit. It is where we address the issues within ourselves before letting someone create an impact on our development. The approach should be made willingly and internally.  

“Adapting your preferences to your environment means that you take on the responsibility of finding more realistic job options or living situations—options or situations that are more suitable, given your environmental limitations,” writes Berit Brogaard D.M.Sci., Ph.D.

It’s Contribution To My Relationship 

As for my wife and I, we used the holistic approach to nurture our relationship. We used to have unsettled arguments way back years ago, and some traumatizing events hinder us from fixing things together. But when we started to look for better ways of living and dismissed the things that tore us apart, we became one person. We began to value the emotional needs of each other and worked our way through adjusting to the things that we thought we couldn’t do. We made our lives easier by changing our lifestyle and sticking to what’s more beneficial for our overall health. 

“Nurturing the one you love and the relationship that binds you should become a part of your normal behavior,” writes Barton Goldsmith Ph.D.


My wife and I made a choice of putting our differences aside and focused on wanting a balanced mind, soul, and body. Not only did the holistic approach give us a chance to change the way we see things in life, but it also taught us that everything we choose to do intertwines with our positive energy. Now I can say that our relationship grew stronger because we learned to value and respect each other. The holistic approach showed us that some things in life are worth taken lightly.