How Energy Healing Works For Your Anxiety



If you’re reading this, it means that you have at some point in your life, experienced moderate to severe anxiety and know very well how horrible it feels, and you hope you will never feel that way again. (“Anxiety is the sense of discomfort, restlessness, or uncertainty that is internally generated,” according to David Spiegel, MD. “It’s being a worrier without having the stressors outside.”) However, it is most likely that if you have been anxious once or twice, then you have been experiencing it more than the usual.

Some people already feel anxious when they wake up from a disturbed night, and the anxiety can remain throughout the rest of the day. For others, anxiety has become part and parcel of their life. “They feel plagued by worries they can’t control and are occurring more frequently than they would like and are getting in the way of their functioning,” Debra Kissen, PhD, MHSA says. “They spend life worrying about things that will happen.” Fortunately, there are holistic and natural ways to confront and relieve yourself from it – one of which is known as energy healing.

Energy healing helps an individual detach from his fears and worries and guides him into feeling more logical and grounded. When one learns the practice of energy healing, he is sure to slowly release himself from his fears – slowly but surely. There are no other external requirements for you to begin your journey of energy healing, as it is all within you. You only need to learn and practice it in order to successfully perform it.

The bio therapies, methods of mind-body techniques or Energy Psychology, are recognized by the National Institutes of Health and the American Psychological Association. They’re also recognized by the United States Veteran’s Administration. Energy psychology is a field now considered evidence-based. Researchers are working on getting mind-body methods approved for treatment of PTSD. There are more than 100 research studies published in peer-reviewed journals showing the effectiveness of energy healing techniques.Susan Franklin PsyD.

Steps In Energy Healing



  1. Ensure That You Are Safe. For you to feel comfortable and relaxed, you have to feel secure with where you are. When this is done, you then permit yourself to be free of stress and begin to relax. Forget about your troubles for a while, at least for this energy healing session, because your body needs it. Talk with your mind and tell it to work with you.
  2. Be Aware Of Your Breathing. Feel every inhalation and exhalation that happens in your body. There’s no specific breathing pattern. What’s important is that you become aware of it. If you still have trouble focusing, you can better do that if you say it aloud, “I’m inhaling, I’m exhaling. My breath is coming in and out of my body.” This is a way of reinforcing your thoughts to think of the job that it needs to do.
  3. Become Aware Of Your Feet. Feel it inside your shoes and the ground below your shoes. Now, delve further and feel yourself inside your body – or perhaps you feel like you’re somewhere distant. This step can be difficult, but don’t pressure yourself. You will eventually learn how to ground yourself and put yourself in the moment.
  4. Imagine A Coiled Spring. This is a common image that is often taught to someone who is starting the practice. If not, you can always choose something that represents you and how loose or tight you feel. You can use a box or rubber ball. Imagine your image as the anxiety that you feel within. Is the box difficult to open? Is it tightly closed or just loose enough that you can easily open? You can compare this to the worry, anxiety, or fear that you are struggling with. Continue breathing so you can relax and loosen that box – loosen that tightly coiled anxiety in your body.
  5. Hold Your Breath For A Moment. As you are doing this, make sure your feet are still grounded for support. Slowly, sit down on a chair you prepared before the session, and then breathe out, releasing with it the tension from your body. As you continue doing this, you are eventually releasing all the tension, producing more relaxation and more opening. You will finally feel your whole body relaxing.



This is only one of the many examples of how energy healing works to relieve your anxiety. The other procedures involve centering as the first step of the healing process, followed by grounding, and then drawing a source from yourself to provide energy to heal. You can do this. But first, believe.