Frequently Asked Questions About Gaining Control Over Your Anxiety

Lately, I always found myself staring at a black space. It is as if I suddenly felt electrocuted or something. The thoughts that lingered in my mind are taking me away from reality as it makes me want to focus more on things that are not even there. At first, I told myself, “maybe that is okay.” Maybe I do not entirely need to worry because I am confident that I can get rid of keeping my mental and emotional health busy. But I was wrong. I am dealing with anxiety, and honestly, I don’t like it, and I don’t want to live with it.


When I think about it thoroughly, the one thing that stresses me right now is finical issues. Everything is intertwined together as they keep my thoughts busy for quite some time now. Like, I need to pay the rent and bills as some of them are already past due. Anxiety crawls up because I have these weird thoughts of becoming homeless and spending the nights on the streets with only my clothes on just because I couldn’t pay the rent. It scares me, you know.

You might see it as a minor reason, but somehow, deep inside me, it terrifies me to the extent that I don’t want to function anymore. I can say that my current anxiety is different from the previous conditions I experienced. It makes me feel emotionally drained and mentally weak.

Luckily, I don’t believe in waiting. I don’t believe in the idea that I need to take some time and expect this anxiety to go away. So instead of trying to hold me back, I managed to figure out a way to reduce my symptoms. Yes, I understand that the process will take a while. But at least, I am currently doing something for the betterment of my overall wellness. Here are the frequently asked questions that guided me through positivity.

Can you control anxiety with diet?

There aren’t any diet types that could cure anxiety, although watching what you put inside your mouth can help. You can try eating a breakfast that contains more protein because eating protein can make you feel fuller. Protein also keeps the body’s blood sugar levels stable. Then you’ll be more energized throughout the day.

How can I get anxiety under control without medication?

To try to get your anxiety under control, you can consider doing things such as getting physically active by exercising regularly. It does not have to be an extreme workout, though. As long as it keeps your body moves, that’s okay. It would also help if you can express how you feel to someone you trust. Talk to people and let them how about what you are dealing with. Also, spend an extra effort in eating three full meals a day, avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol, and scheduling the same bedtime as much as possible. Live in the present moment, find happiness, and focus on yourself.


What to drink to calm nerves?

Foods and drinks that have been known to calm the nerves include yogurt, dark chocolate, green tea, salmon, and chamomile.

Suppose these are something that could help in a way to reduce your stress and anxiety, make it a habit. But before indulging, always know your limits. Consult an expert to know what fits your needs because some of these might cause side effects when taken too much.

What is bad anxiety?

Bad anxiety is sometimes a term that describes generalized anxiety disorder, which is a chronic type of anxiety, tension, and worry, even when there is no reason at all to be so.

Usually, you won’t get to know when your anxiety is bad not unless you suffer from sudden overwhelming feelings. There is a repetitive episode of fear and worry that peaks within minutes. It is known as a panic attack.

What vitamins help with anxiety?

Vitamins and supplements that aid with anxiety include vitamin B complex, L-theanine, L-theanine, magnesium, valerian root, and vitamin D.

But note, before taking any of these, consult your doctor first. That way, you can understand better the benefits of these vitamins and avoid possible damaging effects. Also, your doctor can assist you with the right amount of dosage that your mind and body need.

What foods trigger anxiety?

If you consume many fried food, candies, processed meat, cereals, high-fat dairy products, and pastries, you are at risk of becoming depressed and anxious.

If these are something you constantly consume, give yourself a break and gradually move away from them. Yes, it might be difficult to remove these foods from your diet instantly. But you have to stay motivated and think about the positive effects of getting rid of these unhealthy foods.

What does the Bible say About anxiety?

The Bible says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your desires be known to God.”…” Therefore, I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you eat or drink, not of your body, what you put on.”

Does CBD help anxiety?

CBD has been increasingly used to alleviate anxiety. Experts suggest that CBD could help with both inducing sleep and keeping you awake when necessary for individuals who have insomnia. CBD is also one of the common options for treating several types of chronic pain.

Does ignoring anxiety make it go away?

Neglecting your anxiety symptoms does not make them disappear. Rather, the persistent thoughts linger.


Is over planning a sign of anxiety?

Over-planning arises from anxiety. It is a means of coping with worry, which can provide people with a false feeling of control. Sometimes, it could even go too far when someone lacks flexibility when they have created too rigid or unrealistic goals.

Is Vitamin C good for anxiety?

Drinking vitamin C regularly might help improve mood. In other studies, participants claimed that vitamin C decreased their anxiety symptoms.

But then again, always consult your doctor first before taking any. These will prevent you from possible side effects and unwanted allergies.