Energy Healing In A Relationship (I Can’t Handle The Changes)


There are times in our relationship that we see our significant others as someone that we accept for who they are. However, there are those times that we somehow notice some little to big changes that they do in their behavior. Sometimes, we consider that their mental state is also affected by these changes and we often look for ways to understand why it’s happening. (You need self-care to function properly. John Duffy, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist said that  self-care is “attending to your own needs such that you are content, focused, motivated, and ‘on your game.’”)

When we allow ourselves to feel the presence of stress and anxiety, we also let the negativity inside ourselves. It may sound way too impossible, but our energy is somehow responsible for the negative things that are happening to us because we enable those pressures in our lives. We take things differently, and sometimes we fill ourselves with doubt, fear, guilt, sadness, and sorrow.


How Can I Handle My Partner’s Sudden Changes?


Generally speaking, our relationships with people don’t stay where they are. We try to evolve and adapt to several situations that sometimes we can no longer hang on. It makes us weak and doubtful because we can’t handle the sudden changes. It takes all our energy out because we assume that they instantly transform into someone who is unfamiliar. But the truth is, the people we love somehow didn’t undergo the process of change. It is merely our view of them that we assume some harmful alterations because it doesn’t support our desire.

How Can Those Changes Affect My Partner And Me?

When we start to create a diversion of what we want to see with our partner, that’s when we encounter serious problems. The bad behaviors and specific attitudes blind us to view their positive sides. Therefore, the negativity pushes us to make a bias judgment on our other half. We become unfair and untrue to our feelings and lie about how we really feel. We surround ourselves with bad things that hinder our emotional and psychological development.

On the other hand, our partner can be significantly affected because we insist on telling them that they’ve changed when in fact it is only our assumption. Sometimes, it pushes them to become someone we accuse them of being. They become dependent on everything you tell them, and they lose their common sense because they begin to doubt themselves as well.

How Can Energy Healing Help My Relationship?


The bio therapies, methods of mind-body techniques or Energy Psychology, are recognized by the National Institutes of Health and the American Psychological Association. They’re also recognized by the United States Veteran’s Administration. Energy psychology is a field now considered evidence-based. Researchers are working on getting mind-body methods approved for treatment of PTSD. There are more than 100 research studies published in peer-reviewed journals showing the effectiveness of energy healing techniques.Susan Franklin PsyD.

The process of energy healing helps in revitalizing our relationships in a way that we use our mental and emotional states as a source of potential energies. It helps us manage our relationship issues with the assistance of clear and diverse ideas that we can get from our environment, surrounding people, life experiences, and other influencing stuff as well. A compelling meditation incorporating the good vibes into our relationship can give us focus on what we exactly want to achieve in life together with our partners.

EP is a holistic mind-body approach that allows people to do one of three things: 1.) reduce or eliminate negative emotional reactions such as anxiety, anger or self-criticism, 2.) reduce or eliminate blocks to performance, 3.) enter or maintain a higher functioning performance state.Robert Schwarz, PsyD

Our energy plays a striking role in our relationship. It provides us an awareness of how we should see others in response to the way we see ourselves. The lesser the effort we give, the more complications we get.