What Is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic Therapy

This type of treatment focuses on development of a person’s overall health. It is a form of healing that targets maximum potential of a person. It enables you to reach proper balance by removing negative aspects of your life. Its treatment gives a multi-dimensional of advantage. But there is more to it than that.

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Why Holistic Therapy?

The principal goal of holistic therapy is to find the cause of a specific disease. Holistic therapy tries to eliminate the negative impact and encourage a positive approach to be able to make a person understand the importance of striving for a better life. Though the holistic treatment process doesn’t require traditional treatments, there are complementary medications that are considered helpful.

Aromatherapy – It is the most common type of treatment that focuses on the use of essential oils. It is a form of healing that recognizes using an inhaler infused with a blend of natural herbs. People see it as a convenient and environment-friendly process of stress reduction. It is a non-invasive therapy that helps in improving psychological and physical well-being.  

“Holistic therapy focuses on the whole person, aiming to improve overall well-being and quality of life,” wrote Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, ABPP, and Allison J. Shale, MS. “In recent years, research finds that aromatherapy can help treat pain, anxiety, and agitation specific to dementia.”

What Are Other Therapeutic Treatments?

Homeotherapy – As much as clinically-tested medicines are concerned, the process of holistic therapy differs from its approach. It is where the treatment uses medicines that are available in a person’s home. Holistic treatment is considered the best solution for those outpatients that require immediate therapy. Most of the therapeutic approach of the therapy is accessible in the kitchen, and it gives fewer side effects to the patient’s health condition.

Massage Therapy – It is the type of holistic therapy that treats a variety of health-related discomfort. It is an alternative medicine that usually applies pressure to the body and puts it into a relaxed mode while maintaining healthy muscles in a comfortable state. The holistic treatment promotes a proper circulation of blood that helps in restoring the damaged cell tissues. It is believed to help in reducing stress, tensions, and body pains.

The Holistic Therapy Benefits

“The benefit of massage on mental health is not a surprise if we think about the connection between the mind and body,” wrote Stephen L. Salter, PsyD. “The body revealed by posture, muscle contraction, and flexibility demonstrates the sort of armor we use to protect ourselves in a sometimes difficult world. For instance, an individual with depression might tense up or constrict the stomach or back in order to be less vulnerable to particular emotions.”

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The Types: Holistic Therapy

Balneotherapy – It is a type of holistic treatment that believes water is an overall source of healing. It is a type of hydrotherapy that promotes bathing techniques to eliminate health complications such as sleep disorder, anxiety, and depression. Holistic treatment also gives the person the advantage to meditate which is beneficial in achieving the source of a healthy mind.  The therapy also aims to boost the immune system and eliminate body pains.

Acupuncture – It is the most common Chinese traditional therapy that uses thin, sharp needles that ensures little to less discomfort when infused into the body. Holistic treatment involves inserting the needles into the body through a specific center point where the energy is believed to be stored. The therapy is designed to naturally and dramatically give a person holistic treatment that somehow treats chronic pain, cramps, headaches, etc.

Holistic Therapy Research

According to James Lake, MD, “Animal and human studies suggest that the beneficial effects of acupuncture on health, including mental and emotional functioning, are related to different mechanisms of action, including changes in neurotransmitters involved in emotional regulation such as serotonin, modulation of the autonomic nervous system, and changes in immune function.”

Holistic therapy helps reach proper balance by removing negative aspects of life.
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Holistic Therapy: Conclusion

The benefits of holistic treatment don’t stick to one advantage only. Aside from getting improved overall health, a well-balanced lifestyle is also attainable throughout the process. Holistic treatment will allow a person to appreciate the method of using natural resources (such as herbs) that also helps in keeping the environment safe and healthy.