The History Of Energy Healing

Even in the old times, people have already acknowledged the body’s ability to self-heal.  With the help of modern science, it proves factual as scientific evidence supports the claim. Many cultures have exercised energy healing and its power for more than thousands of years. It allows people to gain more awareness about the value of energy and how it contributes to self-empowerment.



Ancient Traditions

Prana describes the universal energy in ancient Indian spiritual tradition for more than 5,000 years. Prana is universal energy, considered as the source of all life. The breath of life is another term for this energy. They believe that this moves in all forms and gives life to them.

Chi is the term used in China to describe the universal energy. Since 3 million B.C., this energy has been known in Chinese tradition and became part of their lives. Chi explains all matter have vital energy. Yin and Yang are two polar forces that create this force. When these two forces are in the balance, the matter is in good physical health.

Newtonian mechanistic view suggests that the human body is like a biological machine that consists of working independent parts. This view has been adopted by the Westerners for centuries even before Albert Einstein introduced quantum physics and the understanding of energy fields became known.


Modern-day Understanding Of Energy Healing

In the present days, the Newtonian mechanistic view towards human body has become obsolete; this is because of Albert Einstein’s research and teachings that negate the thought that the world we are living in is comparable to a normal machine.

Einstein was able to prove that gravitational energy is just one of many energy fields around us. We have a better understanding of these energy fields through his studies. We learned that atoms are but a whole set of energy fields interacting with one another. It has been the basic composition of all matters, and this includes the human body.

Our body has its innate energy system which we call Human Energy-Consciousness System. This energy is also known as the human energy field or aura. Imagine it as a glowing light that coats the body. This energy interpenetrates and emits its unique radiation. This energy field is very thorough and complex that the qualities it has can directly explain the state of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual status. We respond to one another and our environment with the use of this field.

The work of Einstein in Physics has confirmed what our traditional cultures have been exercising for thousands of years. He supported through his studies that our body has the capacity to self-heal. It can be done as well with the help of experts for energy healing.

A review article was published in October of 2017 in the professional journal, Issues in Mental Health Nursing. It was titled, “Mental Health Wellness and Bio therapies: An Integrative Review” and looked at 30 studies conducted between 2014 and 2016. The reviewers were specifically looking at healing touch and reiki. The studies provided convincing evidence that healing touch and reiki are safe and effective. None of the participants had adverse effects or negative side effects. They found that these methods were effective for reducing anxiety and stress and for improving mood, relaxation, and enhancing overall mental health wellness. – Susan Franklin PsyD

Source: Bellesprit Magazine

Power Of Energy Healing

EP is a holistic mind-body approach that allows people to do one of three things: 1.) reduce or eliminate negative emotional reactions such as anxiety, anger or self-criticism, 2.) reduce or eliminate blocks to performance, 3.) enter or maintain a higher functioning performance state.Robert Schwarz, PsyD

To grasp the power of energy healing, you must first acknowledge that we are energy beings. It will give us more understanding that we are not just a physical body. We can effectively use the techniques in restoring the energy flow within our core if we can accept and understand what energy is. It will help us to properly optimize the balance of our human body in all aspects.

This is also one form of self-care. According to Kim Boivin, MEd, a registered clinical counselor, “We are interdependent so what I do to take care of myself has an impact on all who I interact with. When I care for myself, I care for others better too.”

Chinese Herbs And Their Therapeutic Effects

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has evolved over thousands of years. TCM practitioners use various mind and body practices (such as acupuncture and tai chi) as well as herbal products to address health problems.D. Craig Hopp, Ph.D., and David Shurtleff, Ph.D.

Herbs are one of the most generally used items in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Chinese have been using herbs for centuries to cure illnesses and diseases even before western modernization. There are various modern medicines developed from Chinese herbs proving their efficacy. Currently, there is an estimated count of 300 clinically proven Chinese herbs that can be used to increase modern medicine efficacy and reduce long-term side effects.


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